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      Welcome Vikings!
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      Server Name: [EU] THV | PVE/PVP [3x] Wiped 11/05 | No Avatar | Raid-Timer |
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  1. The Happy Vikings - Server Rules SERVER RULES: Keep the General Chat in English! No Racism! Admin's word are to be followed 100% Marked as RELAXED, so no hardcore griefing! PVP timer = always on 24/7 - again we are a relaxed server, so behave, especially vs lower leveled players Raid timer = 17:00 - 23:00 everyday All use of exploits are of course a no-go, and will be banned with NO warning All block of spawns, entrance to certain areas and the like are not allowed, and will be removed by the Admin Respect each other - and the respect will usually be mutual. Adjustment of vanilla server settings: Exp and harvest are x3 Crafting stations are OPEN (this also affects chest and vaults - sorry its EA) Character do not stay in world on logout Buildtime increased slightly (you build stuff faster) Spoiltimer decreased slightly (your stuff last longer) NPC dmg increased by 25% Avatar disabled - (we are considering to allow Avatar on a timer set to 5-10 seconds)
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